Discovering your Mancentricity


The Decision

There are 4 steps to growing a good healthy beard, the first step is the decision. Every big step in life begins with a difficult decision. You have to be willing to take a leap, willing to put your self out there. No risk, no reward.

When discussing bearding, people often say to me:

“I would love to grow a beard, but look at me, I can’t”

“I can’t grow a beard, I hardly have to shave”

“I can’t grow a beard, my friends will make fun of me”

“My girlfriend wont kiss me if I grow a beard”

The first stages of beard growing can be awkward, there’s no easy way around it. Your beard might grow in with patches missing, it might be different colors, or not match your hair color, some men will see first signs of grey in their beards. Initial beard growing attempts can be embarrassing, it was for me.  Growing a beard is like raising a pig in an apartment. Your friends will say “you can’t raise a pig in your apartment,” or “You are stupid for raising a pig in your apartment.” The pig might eat all your furniture, or you might step in pig poop. Also, your apartment will stink and you could get evicted. But, once you serve people fresh bacon they change their tune. “Wow, this bacon is great!” “Such a great idea to raise a pig!” “You can pay your rent in pork!” The decision to grow a beard isn’t an easy one, you must keep focused on the end, a beautiful flowing beard. The reward is so filling, it would be foolish if God allowed us to grow beards easily. Chuck Norris is only the pillar of excellence you see today BECAUSE he went through the process of growing a beard. Before his beard he was only Walker Texas Deputy.

There is one more complicated layer in deciding to grow a beard, the significant other factor. Most attempts to develop mancentricity are throttled quickly by girlfriends and wives. Women hold great power over men, and most of them know how to use it. However,  there are women who prefer a beard on their man, and most will grow to love it. Don’t be afraid to step out and try, a beard isn’t permanent, and maybe she will come to like it. After all, William Shakespeare believed a beard is the natural right of a man, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.”

Most important of all is to understand the decision to grow a beard is yours, no one else should make that decision for you. Grab a beer and a lawn chair, take the afternoon off and consider the possibilities. Picture a time when strangers stop you to say, “Hey, nice beard!”


Lets Get Bearded!

I learned everything I know about bearding from my father. He never walked me through the ABC’s of growing a beard, but I was watching. Watching as he carefully manicured his beard, as he developed his mancentricity. Now that I have reached a mature age and experience in the way of bearding, I want to pass my wisdom on to you. Here you will find advice, suggestions, and good ol’ do-it-yourself tips for how to grow and maintain a beard. Come with me on this journey and discover your mancentricity.